Giants List

How to breed Mountain Elemental

How to breed Forest Elemental

How to breed Sky Elemental

How to breed Inferno Elemental

How to breed Sea Elemental

How to breed Cave Goliath

How to breed Jungle Goliath

How to breed Frost Goliath

How to breed Volcano Goliath

How to breed Phoenix Goliath

How to breed Desert Goliath

How to breed Island Goliath

How to breed Firestorm Goliath

How to breed Cyclone Goliath

How to breed Reef Goliath

How to breed Passion Titan (Only available around Valentine – mid February)

How to breed Luck Titan (Only available around St. Patrick’s day – mid March)

How to breed Spring Titan (Only available around mid March)

How to breed Magma Titan

How to breed Blizzard Titan

How to breed Sandstorm Titan

How to breed Geyser Titan

How to breed Quarry Titan

How to breed Coral Titan

How to breed Rainforest Titan

How to breed Monsoon Titan

How to breed Primordial Colossus (Very Rare!)

How to breed Pisces Behemoth (Only available from 2/21 – 3/20)

How to breed Aries Behemoth (Only available from 3/21 – 4/20)

How to breed Taurus Behemoth (Only available from 4/21 – 5/20)

How to breed Geminus Behemoth (Only available from 5/21 – 6/20)

How to breed Creation Behemoth (Very Rare!)

How to breed Pirate Leviathan (Very Rare!)


60 thoughts on “Giants List

  1. Today i got two Taurus Behemoth in a row. The first one was with the combo Quarry lvl10, Geyser lvl10, Firestorm lvl10 and Desert lvl10 (see also the one comment at Magma Titan). Done at fully upgraded Babymaker Pillar with a spin of 72. The second one followed right after with Quarry lvl5 and Geyser lvl10 on the basic Babymaker Field and a spin of 84. The second combo shows, that you don’t need gems to achieve the special giants. Because Quarry and Geyser can be breed at the basic Babymaker Field too.

    • Is there a 3 giant combo you can use to get taures because i tried geyser quarry and firestorm got all perfects and there all lvl10 but did get it

  2. If you don’t believe me, come and visit my realm GS8R-D000. The Taurus is still spinning, but you can come back tomorrow to see the result.

  3. How do you breed more than 2 giants at a time? How hard is it to breed a creation or behemouth giant?

  4. Where do u get the Electron Goliath (I believe that’s what it was called)? One of the people in my friends list had 2 of them.

    • I don’t breed them, I saw a new tag on the giants at the shop. amd I saw there’s a new electrum goliath w/ NO PRICE TAG a.k.a it’s free ^^
      I tapped it twice, suddenly there were 2 eggs in my incubator. I forgot how long the incubation time (12-18 hours,maybe) after that I got strong and wise electrum….
      but, it doesn’t generate any gem, eventho’ it lives in gem village. the status info says 0 (zero) gem/week.
      I wished I tapped it 3x, who knows maybe I got strong, wise, passionate electrum :p
      sorry for the late reply

  5. I have no friends to send gems to or receive gems from. is there anyone out there willing to add me?
    my username is pyroklown

    thanks guys xxx 😀

  6. Then how did so many of the people that where in the top ranks have the electrum a week before he was a scheduled boss event I seen several of the top players had 4 or more of them before the boss event??

  7. They need to check these players I mean its not fare when yoj play by tbe rules and others cheet there way to the top. I mean all they need to do is visit there parks and trust me I seen several of them with 4 and more almost 2 weeks before it was released I hate cheaters

  8. Current Boss is Prehistoric Colassus. Where do we place if won? Sky is his icon??? Heading into day 3 with 1 round left to play and no clue how to proceed.

  9. all giants can be acquired through pirate chests.. that is, they are separately rewarded through events. the 99gems per spin thing, i guess u guys already noticed it. the electrum titan can be obtained through pirate chests. and 1 more thing. the boss event thing sucks. i was able to beat the boss all 5 rounds and what’s next??? asked me to offer 1m brews + premium stock brew to surely make the boss yours.. and you get only 5% free chance if not. TIP!! SAVE GEMS FOR PIRATE CHESTS!!! The least you can get are heroic giants.. if lucky, an instant epic giant.

  10. hello,
    i still have space for two active daily players for the daily free gem. plz add me and i will add you and gift one a day in return. thanks!!
    username is pyroklown

  11. Am I the only one who misses 2-3 times as much as my opponent does? I’m losing battles to non epic giants when I use all epics because my hit to miss ratio is so terrible.

    • Same issue, along with zero response to questions asked. I downgraded their review rating and refuse to spend another dime until they do.

    • I agree with you. All I seem to get is a miss or weak, while my opponents seem to eat critical 80% of the time. I don’t battle fatten because of this. Am I doing something wrong?

      • The “weak” / “great” / “critical” attacks are based solely on what type of attack you use and on what type of giant. For example, every time you use a fire-based attack on a plant-based giant, it will result in a critical attack. By experimenting with various attacks on various giants you can learn what each giant’s weakness is.

      • Scarlet, you may be correct, but every time that I get a critical hit, I get 900-1200 points.
        When my opponent gets a critical hit, it always seems to get 1800-2300 points.
        Is there a site that helps explain this game like the one for Dragonvale?

  12. I have no idea if it’s random or by design, but it seems like I don’t miss as often when I battle opponents at my level or above, but when I pick on someone that has fewer battle points than me I miss frequently…

  13. Thanks for your answer. My realm said there was an 8 day event but when I would go in he was invisible. Lol I would loose cause after defeating his side kicks I had to forfeit. Any suggestions? Thanks

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