Giant Realms title screen

From the first day I downloaded this game, I couldn’t stop playing it! But I found it very difficult and frustrating to breed the giants I want and wished there were tips on how to breed each giants.

I decided to make one myself to help out people who were thinking the same way. I will tell you what breeding combinations actually worked for me but please be aware that  even the right combinations may take up 10 times or even more but it WILL work eventually. Also note a couple of these giants are “seasonal”, and may not be available at the moment no matter what giants you breed. Since there are so many elements to these Giants such as level, competition wins and mini game scores, I’m not sure how these elements affect the breeding algorithm but for now, I will only post the combination of Giants that worked for me.


If you are not familiar with the game, download from the link below.

Android users download from here.

iOS users download from here.


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  1. I have a Taurus Behemoth giant but can’t put him in a village. Trying to put him at the Treasure Village but it wont let me. What should I do?

  2. I’m new to the game and I have two questions. How do ‘attributes’ affect the game? Also, I’m having difficulty breeding some giants. It says that all of my giants are babies and I need to level them up but all of them are at least level eight. For example: I can’t breed a mountain elemental with a sky elemental even though they’re both level nine. Are there breeding restrictions or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    • The Attributes matters when you fuse the Giants to make Heroic and Epic giants in the Fusion Reactor. You can only fuse giants with different attributes.
      Not sure about the breeding issue you are experiencing but shouldn’t be a restriction. Perhaps a bug?

      • I have had similar issues with giants. It almost seems like you can only breed so many times before they won’t breed anymore. I’ve also had issues if they’re the only giant in the village i can’t seem to use them.

  3. Is there a list of which decorations give what amount of bonuses and to which types of giants? Some are obvious but I think some aren’t so I figured I’d ask here. Thanks!

      • I believe you get about +1 per minute on gold production per 100k cosr of the decoration. There doesn’t seem to be any relationship to the village/giant type though. Nothinf effects gem production that I could find.

      • I forgot to mention that the same decoration multiple times seems to lessen the effect after the first one on an island. For example, the first red forrest gives about +5 but two red forrests give a total of +7 (guessing as I don’t know the exact numbers). The bonuses are also only for the island the decoration is placed on. It doesnt effect other islands. You can see what I mean if you want to visit my realm (Big_Mac).

  4. I visited a realm that had a four-armed creature that looked a little like a shark (not the pirate leviathan). Anyone know what this is? It was in a treasure village.

    • Be careful though because once you merge/upgrade them you can’t breed them anymore from what I can tell. Shot myself in the foot a few times with that thinking the rares would be great to have stronger. Not so much once they’re unbreedable.

      • I must be doing something wrong then. Both my field and pillars are fully upgraded but the only giants listed when I tap “make baby” are the lvl 10s.

      • So…once they get the “halo effect” they are useless for breeding?!? Would have been NICE for the programmers to say THAT up front!

  5. Soy nuevo en el juego y tengo una pregunta: ¿Cómo funciona la gem village? Verás, tengo dos ciudades con giant de nivel 15 pero no me funciona; ¿alguien puede ayudarme. Muchas gracias por adelantado por cualquier ayuda que puedan proporcionarme

  6. Hi guys. I’m hoping someone can help. This morning I opened giant realms and all my progress was lost. The game started from the beginning. Any idea how I can get my game back?

  7. hi,do you know something about bonus bug? for example first player orangesu has +72000 000 bonus at every village on one island. he has 2000 0000 000 gold so a little bit frustrating 🙂

  8. Anyone know what the train Icon does when you select a giant in a village? And why I can’t train them? Or why no matter what I do I always lose in my arena

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