Giant Realms: New feature updates

The developer did an awesome job in the latest update. The following features are added:

1. P vs P battling: There is a leader board and apparently 1st, 2nd and 3rd to have the most stars will receive a large amount of Gem reward (probably in a weekly basis?).


2. Boss Battle: The Boss haven’t appeared yet but we’ll see how they will push this feature out in the future.

3. Giant Fusion: By fusing the same Giants with different attributes will create Giants with awesome particle effect.



4. Variation Station: You can change the attribute of the Giants by putting them in this Variation Station. It cost a lot of Gems to purchase this but will definitely make it easier to collect Giants with different attributes and fuse them.



7 thoughts on “Giant Realms: New feature updates

  1. Hi, I fused together three heroic water elementals into an epic giant but it will only go to the giant storage cave not into the water village. Now I have lost the three heroic giants and am left with nothing, it wont show up to battle either. Anyone have any advice about this? I really wish theyd come out with new breedable giants, thanks my ID is faeriegirls.

  2. You are not able to use the Variation station after your giant is pass lv 10.
    Is there going to be an up grade ? XZGX-F000

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