Giant Realms: How to breed Creation Behemoth





HOW TO BREED: Magma Titan, Sandstorm Titan, Blizzard Titan and Reef Goliath, Quarry Titan and Geyser Titan


16 thoughts on “Giant Realms: How to breed Creation Behemoth

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  2. Got him breeding Quarry T. With a Geyser T., thanks for all the data you share out here!
    Also, and this may be a change, Incubation time for Creation is 49 hours for iPad app (2:00:01:00).

  3. Hi, thanks for all the data you have shared out here, it really helps!

    Just one thing, I tried breeding a Creation Behemoth with Quarry Titan and Geyser Titan atleast 3 times, also spent 6 gems for making the breeding all perfect… but it failed everytime.

    So far I do not have a baby maker that accomodates 4 Giants, accordingly can you please help?

  4. Got Creation Behemoth with Geyser Titan, Rainforest Titan, Coral Titan and Quarry Titan, a combination that gets you an Aries Behemoth 🙂

  5. The only help i can give is that the taures needs a quarry just a guess as every other behemoth has used one so try that with other combos

  6. Just got a Creation using an Inferno, a Frost, and a Reef, all Wise, all level 5…

    Was trying for a Primordial, but I didn’t have a Creation, so I’m happy!

  7. can I breed a Creation Behemoth using a baby maker field ( the one that accommodates only 2 giants). anyone answer quick plzzz so I don’t waste my time trying

  8. I think I just bred one, with quarry, geyser and magma… wasn’t really trying for anything in particular.
    There isn’t much information out there on this game that I’ve found. Anyway it came out 2 days 1 hour. 02:00:01:00.
    Got the primordial the same way, just tossing random giants in the thing. I just keep leveling giants to 10 and sticking them in the fusion whatsit,
    I guess you can’t breed them after they’ve been fused? Ugh so little to go on.
    Wish there were a wiki, or a community site, something… anything.
    But thank you for the work you’ve done here. Very much appreciated.
    Looking for reliable 1:1 gem exchange daily. XSGV-M000 <– me

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