Giant Realms: How to create Heroic and Epic Giants

You need Heroic Fusion Reactor and Epic Fusion Reactor to create these Giants.

Wise + Strong = Stoic (with blue particle effect)


Strong + Passionate = Vigorous (with green particle effect)


Wise + Passionate = Charismatic (with pink particle effect)


Stoic + Vigorous + Charismatic = Epic (white colored Giant with yellow particle effect)

Note: All Giants need to be level 15


Giant Realms: New feature updates

The developer did an awesome job in the latest update. The following features are added:

1. P vs P battling: There is a leader board and apparently 1st, 2nd and 3rd to have the most stars will receive a large amount of Gem reward (probably in a weekly basis?).


2. Boss Battle: The Boss haven’t appeared yet but we’ll see how they will push this feature out in the future.

3. Giant Fusion: By fusing the same Giants with different attributes will create Giants with awesome particle effect.



4. Variation Station: You can change the attribute of the Giants by putting them in this Variation Station. It cost a lot of Gems to purchase this but will definitely make it easier to collect Giants with different attributes and fuse them.